Editorial Fee Structure

Editorial packages - for unpublished authors or manuscript not under contract.

Customized packages - available for authors who are self-publishing, or contracted (on deadline).


Manuscript Evaluation
$250 for first 40 Pages; $2.50 each additional page
Evaluate the first 3 chapters or 40 pages of a manuscript. Give detailed line-by-line feedback, and an overview of how to proceed with the rest of the manuscript.

General Editing
$500 for first 200 pages; $2.50 each additional page. ONE ROUND of Edits.
Line Editing for entire manuscript. Goal is to address the writer’s writing, enhance technical acumen, while providing only a broad overview of grammar issues.

General Editing Plus
$1000 for first 200 pages; $2.50 each additional page. TWO ROUNDS of Edits.
Same guidelines as General Editing, plus re-reading of changes made after the first round of edits – within one year.

Nonfiction Proposal Editing
$750 for Proposal and First 3 Chapters, for 3 Months. Total package not to exceed 75 pages.
$250 each additional month.
$2.50 each additional page.

Help Develop Nonfiction submission package for authors to submit to literary agents and publishers.
Book Doctoring
$750 plus $250 per month for up to a 10-month period.

Base of 300 pages; $2.50 each additional page.
Manuscript Development and Extensive Editing.
Goal: help author complete a manuscript to present to literary agents and publisher. Includes Proposal and/or Query Letter.

Case by case.
Write a book for an Author from his notes, audio recordings and/or my own research.

Please use this format:
·         One-inch margins all around
·         Double space
·         Your name and book's name every page (header)
·         Page numbers every page (footer) 

Contact Guichard Cadet - lcnpublishing <at> gmail.com